Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Purse

My Daughter came up to me this afternoon to ask me for a birthday card for a party she is going to tonight.  Yes we are both procrastinators.  Since I am in the middle of a huge baby shower project, I asked my husband for $25 cash to put in a card.  I saw a cool video from My Pink Stamper and I decided to go with that.
I chose to use a purse from the Cricut Forever Young Shape Cartridge.  I cut out the purse to fit the Provo Craft Cricut Expression Cutting Mat 12X12 and the card is 3x6 piece of matching card stock folded in half.   
I picked out a matching silk flower from my flower stash and took it apart.   I have the really cool tool called the i-top Tool it's a brad maker.  I cut out a piece of matching paper from the center of my flower and once it was put all together, I  placed my brad through the center of the silk flowers and glued it to my purse.
Here are the pics.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Shower


This super cute Baby Dress Invitation was a special request from a friend for her Sister-in-law's baby shower.

For the Shower itself, mom-to-be opted to have me do the favors also.  Here is a cute little baby bootie.  If you take shower candy and place it in tule, tie a little ribbon at the top and place it in to bootie, it looks like a frilly sock inside the bootie.

 These boxes open up at the top.  They too can be filled with candy.

Centerpieces front and back.  There are four in total, but I only photographed 1.

 The Baby Shower Banner

 Guest Sign in Book

If you like this invitation, you can make it your own at home with your cricut.  Here is the link to my cut file.
You will see when you open the file that the bloomer is not attached.  I cut them out seperately and glued them down.  This is my first time sharing a file on line so I did not name the tabs.  I'll make sure I do the next time.  The really neat thing about file, is that it can be used as an invitation, a baby card or even and Thank you Note!  I hope you have fun with it. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



I have been blessed with lots of friends who support and encourage my hobby.  I was having lunch with some girlfriends one afternoon and one of them told me that she wanted a Birthday Themed Centerpiece, but she wanted to be able to use it for all of her family birthdays.  She said she wanted a seperate insert for each member. Something that would be specific to each member.  After getting some feed back on what each person liked I came up with this. 

**Note** EVERYTHING in this piece was cut out with my cricut.  There are are few items such as the ballet slippers, guitar and Longhorns shape that I do not own a cricut cartridge for so I used a software called Sure Cuts A Lot.  Or as we in the crafting world call it SCAL

Here is Mom's Personal Stick, She loves to Shop so she got a Gold Credit Card...

Avery loves pop music and ballet...
Allie's Favorite princess is Aurora...
Emily Michelle is the newest addition to this family so we used a princess crown...
And Dad is UT fan, Hook em Horns!
I only made one centerpiece.  To make it unique to each member I made them each a Happy Birthday Focal point and cut out a complete set of numbers 1-10.  Now for each birthday, Mom can switch out the Happy Birthday sign and the number depending on how old each person is turning that year.

Here are some shots of the number inserts...


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twilight Themed Advent Calendar

So in case I have not mentioned, I am a HUGE TWILIGHT FAN!  I came accross these advent calendars and fell in love with the possibilities.  For my first run, this is the route I chose...

The first picture is what the calendar looks like with all of the candy boxes taken out.  I placed a different picture in the background of each space so when you take your designated box out for the day's treat, you get an extra treat in the background!
The second picture shows the advent calendar all put together.  You will see that even the boxes have a movie related photograph on them.
The base for the advent calendar can be found here:

Halloween Centerpieces made with my Cricut

I know it is only September, but in my house Halloween is almost bigger than Christmas! 

I wanted to share with you all a few centerpieces I put together two years ago with my amazing Cricut machine.  All of the cuts use in these centerpieces can be found on the Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge and cut out with either the Cricut Personal Cutter, Cricut Expression or the Cricut Imagine.

Each piece was hand detailed and glued to a wicker skewer for placement in a craft foam filled plastic cauldren.  It is a really easy project but it takes lots of time.  So if you find you want to make your very own Halloween Centerpiece, this is a neat way to go and it will last a very long time!


Welcome to my blog. This is my first go at it so please be patient. 

I will be using this blog to update you on my world of Crafting!

Wish me luck...:)

So just to get started.

I was introduced to the world of scrapbooking four years ago by a not so nice "soccer mom" who snubbed her nose at me for not knowing what scrapbooking was. 

Four years later, here I am.  I am a proud owner of two, (yes 2) Cricut Expression Machines, a Gypsy, a library of 70+ design cartridges from Provocraft and an entire room dedicated to nothing other than scrapbooking.

Any of you who are familiar with this wonder product probably also know that a new machine has come out called the Cricut Imagine. 

 My wonderful father who spends a lot of time crafting with me went out of his way to purchase this amazing new machine for me.  Of course with its world wide launch on September 14, 2010 and a limited quantity of 10,000 :) I was placed on the waiting list to receive mine on October 11.  Once again, I am counting this days...

In the meantime, I continue to do most of my work with my Expression.  I will be posting some of my latest works on here shortly.