Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Shower


This super cute Baby Dress Invitation was a special request from a friend for her Sister-in-law's baby shower.

For the Shower itself, mom-to-be opted to have me do the favors also.  Here is a cute little baby bootie.  If you take shower candy and place it in tule, tie a little ribbon at the top and place it in to bootie, it looks like a frilly sock inside the bootie.

 These boxes open up at the top.  They too can be filled with candy.

Centerpieces front and back.  There are four in total, but I only photographed 1.

 The Baby Shower Banner

 Guest Sign in Book

If you like this invitation, you can make it your own at home with your cricut.  Here is the link to my cut file.
You will see when you open the file that the bloomer is not attached.  I cut them out seperately and glued them down.  This is my first time sharing a file on line so I did not name the tabs.  I'll make sure I do the next time.  The really neat thing about file, is that it can be used as an invitation, a baby card or even and Thank you Note!  I hope you have fun with it. 

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  1. I think this is so so cute and thank you for sharing the cut file. I have a new great grandbaby coming in January so I want to make invitations.